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Independent Living for People with Disabilities: The History & Philosophy

Centers for Independent Living (CILs) were established by the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended. Some CILs are operated by the state in which they are located, while others like disABILITY LINK are private, non-profit organizations. The Department of Education contributes to the basic funding for CILs, but other funds from grants or other sources must be raised for Centers to grow and provide the necessary services to our consumers. New provisions of the Rehabilitation Act describe CILs as empowering, advocacy-oriented organizations. All CILs are mandated to have a majority of their planning, operations, and management performed by people with disabilities. This recognizes how important CILs have become as a voice for disability rights in the civil rights / human rights movements. The services offered by individual CILs throughout the nation are often quite different based upon the needs of the consumers in each particular area. The one common factor is all Centers try to help each person to see they have options, and realize the individual power to make their own choices. The success of a CIL is truly based upon the participation of the people in its community. Independence is a matter of having a choice, making a decision, and accepting responsibility for one's actions.

For More Information on Independent Living check out the following web page: History of Independent Living

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