Emergency Preparedness

While Centers for Independent Living are unique in their commitment to the Independent Living philosophy, disABILITY LINK is one of many organizations that provide important support to people with disabilities. We also encourage designing your own emergency preparedness plans that you might need to depend on for long term family planning, in case of bad weather, or other disastrous event. Below are some tools and resources to help you design your plans.

What should I have on hand?

Important documents (social security cards, identification, medical documentation, wills, etc.)

Tools you rely on daily to live: wheelchairs, backup tires/batteries, communication devices, walking tools, service dogs (and their needs), etc.

Backup plans: Have three! One for sheltering at home, one for sheltering away and one for when those first two don’t work.


  1. Who are your contacts to advise where you are staying or need help evacuating to? Have a contact at least one hour distance away from where you live (outside of state even better) that you can advise them of your status and needs.
  2. What items do you need to have on hand to learn about events pre/during/post disaster? What will you do when your normal means of communication isn’t working?