Executive Director:

Kim Gibson
Executive Director

Kim grew up in Idaho and moved to Wyoming to go to college. She has a son whom she adores as well as her puppy who brings her much joy. She has a bachelor’s degree in Social work and has worked with individuals with disabilities since 1988. She also has personal experiences with disabilities.

Kim was introduced to the Independent Living Philosophy when she worked for a nursing home where she met an IL Specialist who came to talk to residents. The IL philosophy intrigued her as she thought it was an incredible movement for individuals who have a disability to live in their communities independently, and after learning the IL philosophy she was hooked.

Prior to coming to disABILITY LINK, Kim was the Executive Director at two other Centers for Independent Living where she gained knowledge that she has brought with her to expand programs here.

She has received many nominations and awards for her work in regards to people with disabilities. The one that she is the most proud of is The 2014 National Council of Independent Living "Women’s Caucus Hall of Family Award" which she received because of the mentorship she has provided to other women in the world of disabilities. She serves on several boards and committees throughout the state, locally and regionally. She is the External Vice President on the APRIL board and serves on several subcommittees for NCIL.

Kim can be reached at her extension listed above or her direct line 470-395-2276.
kgibson@disabilitylink.orgext: 102

Finance Director:

Larry Brown
Finance Director

Larry is a C.P.A., Vietnam Veteran, and currently the Finance Director. He contributes about 75% of his fee to this position. He also manages a C.P.A. firm with an emphasis on auditing. Larry enjoys walking to the top of Stone Mountain an average of 4 days a week and practicing Tai Chi and Aikido. He is also an avid gardener.

Larry can be reached at his extension listed above or his direct line 470-395-2278.
lbrown@disabilitylink.orgext: 104

Program Managers:

Name: Position:Email:Phone: 404-687-8890 +
Linda Pogue
Disability Rights and Program Director

Linda has had a lifetime of relationships with people with disabilities and a 40 year career of supporting people with disabilities to…live in the community; live a self-determined life; advocate within the service, legal and health systems; develop leaderships skills and opportunities; develop communication skills and opportunities; become peer supporters; and be recognized as fully contributing citizens…on both sides of the Atlantic! A social worker by profession; a recipient of community awards; a longtime volunteer and activist with peer led organizations such as People First and ADAPT; previously manager of the statewide programs, “Georgia Voices that Count” and “The Georgia Peer Support Project;” and proudly associated with disABILITY LINK since 2001. Passions include social justice; pet chickens; spouse, family and friends…but not necessarily in that order!

Linda can be reached at her extension listed above or her direct line 470-395-2288
greenpogue@disabilitylink.orgext: 114
Fran Durbin
Employment and Training Program Manager

Fran Durbin has thirty years of experience assisting individuals with disabilities to obtain substantial sustainable employment and to gain financial independence. She is currently the Lead Training and Employment Specialist at disABILITY LINK where she has developed LEAPS, an ongoing employment class and with the cooperation with the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency an internship program with major employers. She has recently worked to make disABILITY LINK an Employer Network to allow more individuals with disabilities to have access to employment services

Fran has spent equal time employers to assist in successfully hiring individuals with disabilities through education, information and development of employer programs. She is a co-founder and currant Chair for the Metropolitan Employment Network. This organization has foster an annual disability job fair for 25 years.

Fran can be reached at her extension listed above or her direct line 470-395-2291.
fdurbin@disabilitylink.orgext: 117
Ken Mitchell
Disability Rights and Community Living Program Manager

Ken is the Disability Rights and Community Living Program Manager. He comes from a lifetime of self-advocacy and system advocacy. Ken has had diverse careers, including Recreational Therapist, Corporate Sales and Paratrooper. He also is an Army Veteran. He is a peer supporter in the disability community. He commits to his job and his advocacy by being involved in a wide range of peer led organizations, including the ADAPT, and Concerned Transit Riders for Equal Access (CTREA), and many others. He contributes a great amount of his success to his partner in crime, Jesse Yellow Dog. Ken is an all-around good guy…a humorist in his own mind.

Ken can be reached at his extension listed above or his direct line 470-395-2277.
kmitchell@disabilitylink.orgext: 103
Renee Shakir
Nursing Home Transition Program Manager

Renee is the Nursing Home Transition Program Manager. She relocated from Buffalo, New York in 1999. Prior to relocating to Georgia, She worked in many positions where she provided services to individuals with disability. Combined she has over 20 years of experience working with people with disabilities from entry level positions to management positions.

She enjoys linedancing, shopping and spending time with family. Her passion is feeding the homeless and mentoring teen moms.

Renee can be reached at her extension listed above or her direct line 470-395-2290
rshakir@disabilitylink.orgext: 116

Independent Living Staff:

Name:Position & Bio:Email:Phone: 404-687-8890 +
Katie Johnson
ICWP Case Manager

Katie is the Independent Care Waiver Program Case Manager for disABILITY LINK. She graduated from Georgia State with a Bachelors of Social Work. While in college, she participated in various political groups and policy actions. When she graduated, she gained a job with her internship at a local foster home. Through her time there she held various positions including activities coordinator and a program coordinator for a weekend respite program supporting children from all over the state. While in her work with foster care, she gained a strong focus on mental health and developmental disabilities with the children she served. Within that role, it was easy for her to see the various social barriers faced by the youth. Wanting to get back to her roots of policy change, she found a position at disABILITY LINK to fulfill her love of case management and political activism. Her personal family history made her a strong advocate against nursing homes and an advocate FOR independent living. In her spare time, Katie is active in the LGBT community mostly doing online advocacy and support. She also works with actions on racial, economic and environmental justice. For fun she enjoys finding peace in nature whether it be gardening, hiking, or kayaking.
kjohnson@disabilitylink.orgext: 105
Indira PaulIndira I&R Specialist/ReceptionistIndira is an ICWP Case Manager here at Disability Link. She graduated from Georgia State University with a Bachelors in Social work. Her hobbies includes helping people, playing Tennis and reading.ipaul@disabilitylink.orgext: 100
Travis Evans
Health, Wellness and Resource Specialist

Travis was born in Atlanta and went to Dekalb County School. He was involved in adapted sports program from 6th grade to 12th grade. Travis has played Wheelchair Basketball, Soccer and ran track. He attended Atlanta Technical College studying Early Childhood Development, Air Conditioning, and Graphic Design. He also went to Atlanta Metropolitan College studying mathematics. He taught infants, toddler, and preschoolers for three year and has tutored math and English. Travis believes in giving back to his community and has volunteered at different organizations including volunteering as a center manager of a senior center, volunteering as a tai-chi teacher and volunteering at disABILITY LINK before becoming the Health and Wellness Specialist. Travis loves his job as he is a firm believer of good health. He has been taking care of his body from age 13. He has trained many people to be in good health in mind, body and spirit.

Travis can be reached at his extension listed above or his direct line 470-395-2286.
tevans@disabilitylink.orgext: 112
Meg Scalise
Meg Scalise
Youth Independent Living Specialist

Born in Omaha, Meg moved to North Georgia as a child and later to Atlanta for college. She graduated from Georgia State University with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Theatre. Starting in college, she became active in political and advocacy organizations, her most passionate social issues being human rights and environmental preservation. In 2014, she became a certified yoga instructor, specializing in trauma-sensitive yoga. She has taught yoga and meditation abroad, for the Fulton County Women’s Shelter in Atlanta, and currently at a residential mental health hospital in South Atlanta.

In her free time, she enjoys time with friends, going to concerts, crafting, hiking, and traveling. She is also a singer in two bands. One of her lifetime goals is to go to every country in the world. She lives by a motto her dad used to tell her as a child: “love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life”.

Meg Scalise can be reached at her extension listed at the right.
mscalise@disabilitylink.orgext: 126
James Turner
Volunteer and Administrative Specialist

James is the Volunteer Coordinator. He has an Associate’s degree in family & children services from Abraham Baldwin Agricultural college and a Bachelor’s degree from Valdosta state university it is in sociology with a minor in African American studies. He has been part of a community service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega since 2004.

Outside of work James is involved in the community where he volunteers as a tutor with the literacy in action program in Decatur, GA. He also enjoys taking time off on the weekends to make new friends, lift weights get a good meal and going to church. One day he hopes to be a wheelchair runner in the Boston Marathon.

James can be reached at his extension listed above or his direct line 470-395-2282.
jturner@disabilitylink.orgext: 108
Margo Waters
Lead Independent Living Specialist and Housing Advocate

Margo was diagnosed with Chronic Progressive MS in 1994. She reports that she did not know that MS (Multiple Sclerosis) would be such a life changing part of me.., going from being successfully independent, living my dream as a licensed master cosmetologist, I became unable to be independent because MS (Multiple Sclerosis) was progressing and so was my inability to continue do the simplest things such as getting up, getting bathed, going to the bathroom, getting dressed, and preparing food.

After being introduced to the IL movement, she found a home where she could advocate for herself and others. She is the Lead Independent Living Specialist and Housing Advocate. She believes through her own experience that individuals should have the opportunity to be a part of their communities. Her ultimate dream is to one day own a salon that can accommodate wheelchair users both power and manual chairs using advance technology to invent the necessary equipment needed.

Margo can be reached at her extension listed above or her direct line 470-395-2284.
mwaters@disabilitylink.orgext: 110
Internship Positions

disABILITY LINK is proud to host a variety of internship positions designed to give people with disabilities the opportunity to work and interact in a professional office environment. Our partnerships with GA Vocational Rehabilitation, AARP, and other agencies have allowed us to play a role in the development of talented staff with disabilities, while offering greater service capacity to our consumers.