Success Stories

A consumer came to the office wanting affordable housing. She was 61 years old and paying a high rent for a one bedroom apartment. The Independent Living Specialist (ILS) shared their experience regarding housing and provided the consumer resources, including housing for people 55+ and 62+. The ILS asked the consumer to consider applying for the 62+ high-rises since she was close in age. The ILS also suggested that the consumer stay in contact with all the locations where she applied. The results were not immediate, but the efforts and persistence paid off and the consumer found a good place to live and is now paying less rent and living comfortably.

A consumer requested assistance regarding employment, he had not worked for several months due to a foot injury. He attended LEAPS (Locating Employment Avenues though Peer Support) classes regularly and provided great support and enthusiasm to fellow consumers. LEAPS participants were encouraged to take part in the MENA (Metro Employment Network Association) Job Fair and through connections made there he learned about and applied for a driving job at New Connections Pathway Career Services in Jonesboro. The hiring manager contacted the Independent Living Specialist to be a reference for him. He was offered the position, and he says he loves it so far and is working hard to make a good first impression.