disABILITY LINK services are available to persons with disabilities, their families and communities throughout Metro Atlanta and surrounding counties including Cherokee, Clayton, Cobb, Coweta, Dekalb, Douglas, Fayette, Fulton, Gwinnet, Henry, Newton, Rockdale Counties.

Five Core Services
1. Advocacy
Provide information and assistance for people with disabilities and their families in accessing support systems, and promoting changes that enhance full access to the community.
2. Independent Living Skills
Provide opportunities for people with disabilities to gain the skills that empower them to live independently. The following are examples of independent living skills activities:
• Independent living skills training (problem solving, decision making activities)
• Functional life skills training
• Social & recreational activities
• For more information on available independent living skills training see our transition services department.
3. Information & Referral
Provide comprehensive and up to date information on available resources for people with disabilities and assist individuals by providing referrals for:
• Housing
• Education
• Attendant assistance services
• Community resources for related services
4. Peer Counseling
Offer people with disabilities the opportunity to interact with peers sharing knowledge, experiences and related issues such as:
• Friendship
• Leisure recreation
• Family support
5. Transition Service
Transition services empowers consumers to participate and advance as members of the community. This service focuses on independent living skills, community supports, social leisure activities and appropriate referrals for education, training and employment.

Miscellaneous Community Services that we assist with or provide information and referral avenues include:
1) Assistive Technology
2) Children’s Services
3) Communication Services
4) Counseling and Related Services
5) Family Services
6) Housing, Home Modifications, and Shelter Services
• Note: We do not provide housing or shelter services. We assist in locating affordable and accessible housing.
7) Mental Restoration Services
8) Mobility Training Services
9) Personal Assistance Services
10) Physical Restoration Services
11) Preventive Services
12) Prostheses, Orthotics, and Other Appliances
13) Recreational Services
14) Rehabilitation Technology Services
15) Therapeutic Treatment – Referral to services
16) Transportation Services – Provision of, or arrangements for, transportation.
18) Vocational Services – Any services designed to achieve or maintain employment.
19) Other Services – Any IL services not listed above in A-V.