ICWP Service Coordination

disABILITY LINK offers Service Coordination to people who are on the Independent Care Wavier Program (ICWP). The ICWP is a Medicaid waiver for qualified persons, between the ages of 21-64 yrs old, who has a severe physical disability or traumatic brain injury. To be eligible for the ICWP, you must be deemed at risk for nursing home placement.

The purpose of the ICWP is to use money that would typically fund someone’s stay in a nursing home to help them live independently within the community. We (the service coordinator and participant) work as a team to coordinate services, which are approved by the state, to assist them with obtaining the necessary supports they need (personal care attendants, medical supplies, etc.) to live within their own homes. As a result, they are able to gain or regain control of their lives and live independently within the community and out of nursing homes and institutions.

For more information about ICWP or to find out if you qualify for waiver services, please contact Katie Johnson at 470-395-2279 or via email at kjohnson@disabilitylink.org.